We turn long stories into short animated videos.

Need to explain something? You need a Chili Gum Video! An idea, a business, a product, a concept, anything can be easily explained with an animated video. And that's what we do: we find what is most important in your story and turn it into a one minute explainer video - in over 20 different languages! Wanna know more? Keep scrolling!

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Case Studies

Samba Ads

Mission: Samba Ads is a product by Samba Tech - the biggest online video provider in Latin America - that allows brands to be put in front of millions of people in videos adverts.

How we did it: As the video's purpose was to play with advertisers creativity, we featured a few possibilities of some pretty interesting things that can be done with Samba Ads as a strategy to engage the audience and encourage them to ask questions after the video.

CCleaner by Piriform

Mission: To show the features of CCleaner Professional in order to drive paid downloads to the Premium version of the widely popular CCleaner (with over 1 billion downloads!).

How we did it: We used an infographic-style video to show both user's and computer's stats. This way, we could contrast the correlation between the user's mood with the computer's performance: the slower the PC gets, the more frustrated the user is and the faster it gets, the happier the user is.

Why do I need a video for my business?

Mission: To teach people about the benefits of having a video for their business and directing them to CGV's website.

How we did it: As number have always been very persuasive, we researched some data about web video and combined it with a little storytelling in an animated infographic.

Results: Thousands of views on Youtube and an engagement rate of over 50%.

Global View Media

Mission: Know those trucks you see on the road with adverts wrapped around it? Global View Media provides high impact advertising via fleets of HGV's (Heavy Goods Vehicles). The purpose of the video was to help potential customers to understand the power of motorway advertising and drive enquiries.

How we did it: The guys over at GVM provided us with many motorway advertising numbers. So we took them and turned it into a beatifully animated infographic based on the history of advertising.


Mission: Adstruc is an awesome TechStars' graduated company that connects advertisersto billboards inventory owners. The problem is: as they aren't used to buying and selling outdoor media on the internet, they need to understand how Adstruc works before getting started.

How we did it: We showed how easier an advertiser's life could get after replacing stacks of paper and loads of work by Adstruc and then briefly listed a few features of the platform to show how it would be possible.

What an animated video can do for you

  • Explain how a product works
    Explain how a product works

    Embed your Chili Gum animated video on your landing page and explain to people how your product works before they have to search your whole website for an answer.

  • Teach a specific topic
    Teach a specific topic

    Need to teach something to a particular audience? Chili Gum animated videos are perfect for that! Just tell us a little bit about your topic and we will make sure it is cleary explained in a one minute video.

  • Promote a product
    Promote a product

    Need to acquire users / customers for your product? Here's one great way to do that: 1) Get a Chili Gum animated video 2) Promote it with sponsored ads on Facebook / Youtube / Linkedin.

  • Tell a story
    Tell a story

    Does your brand / company / product have a great story to tell? Nice! We can sure help you. As Chili Gum's animated videos are very engaging and easy to share, your story will be definitely spreaded around.

  • Test a product
    Test a product

    So you have this great ideia for a product but isn't sure if people will use it or not. Try testing it with an animated video! They are often a lot cheaper than building a MVP and are great tools for getting feedback from potential users.

  • Launch a new product
    Launch a new product

    Honestly it doesn't matter if your product is launched yet or not. We can still work together! Plus, a Chili Gum animated video will look great on your landing page and help you a lot to spread the word about it ;)

How to use your animated video
  • Show it in presentations
  • Promote it with an ad
  • Add it to your email signature
  • Show it in events & conferences
  • Add it to your newsletters
  • Embed it on your landing page

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