Why do we make short videos?

People say that time is money but if you think about it… time is a lot more than that. Because the money you waste today, you might just get back tomorrow. But lost time is never found again. Every lost minute is gone forever.Maybe hat explains our constant lack of patience. To our generation, five minutes are an eternity. It seems like the world's content overload keeps poisoning us with chronic anxiety.

I mean…If time was really money, maybe we would know better how to use it, right? If that was the case, maybe we would do just like the big companies and chase the best return on every second we invest in our daily activities.

Well, our mission is bringing to people the best return on the time they invest. Or “ROI”, if you will. Return on time invested. In other words, we want you to do more things in less time. And we will invest our time - no matter how much we need to invest of it - so you don’t have to waste yours. Because your time is really important to us and we promise that even if you only give us one minute… we will make it matter.

Chili Gum Videos - Minutes that matter

Our Services

Produza conteúdo de qualidade para todas as etapas do seu funil de vendas - atraia, converta e retenha mais clientes


    Turn any long and boring explanation into a short and engaging video.

  • producteaser

    Create your own video in only a few clicks. (Only available in Portuguese)

  • custom videos

    Now video is scalable and staff. Your way. In his time.

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